The Snowtable

The Snowtable

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Kevin James' iconic "Snow Animator" effect is without doubt one of the all time greatest magic creations; a simple & direct premise that is packed with strong magic moments, enchanting whimsy and an emotional kicker that creates standing ovations from audiences of all ages and demographics. It's absolutely perfect; almost....

The modern working stage magician or illusionist has had to create a "fly-out" act, a version of their show that can fit within standard Aircraft baggage specifications, regulations and weight loadings, contain no restricted or dangerous items (we're looking at you cheap Lithium batteries in cheaply built props) doesn't look too weird on a baggage x-ray, can be used in other effects and which packs as flat as possible. If you're flying out to join a cruise ship then you have all these restrictions and a whole load more which made a brilliant effect like Snow almost impossible for fly out acts to use; until now.

Snowtable is the Kevin James' Snow Animator system redesigned and engineered from the ground up to create a modern, practical and portable version that still plays as big as the original but which fits the unique needs of the modern working fly-out magician.

  • Powerful- as powerful as the original iconic Snow Animator systems the Snowtable is capable of launching snow 5m into the air

  • Invisible - Snowtable looks like an innocent side table, you can use it as a table all through the rest of your show, its so thin and practical looking audiences won't suspect it for a moment yet whenever you want it becomes a powerful snow animation system.

  • Modern - using a digital motor, microprocessors and more than a year of airflow modelling and testing this is cutting edge technology developed and refined to create a spectacular magical finale

  • Quiet - at just 66db it is much quieter than any other system on the market

  • Practical - the table top is the size and weight of a laptop (and is cabin luggage safe!) meaning on many airlines it travels with you for free. There's no legs - you just travel with the table top and it comes with adaptors to enable you to screw it on to just about any make of mic stand on the planet; It will also connect to many camera stands & display mount systems giving you the widest possible range of stands to attach it to wherever you go.

  • Safe - instead of dodgy lithium battery hidden inside (something cruise lines are actively asking performers not to use because of a number of fires) the Snowtable uses ordinary batteries that you buy at any local store, most airlines will let you fly with ordinary consumer batteries and if they wont... throw the batteries away and buy some new ones in a store when you land. You will also never have to worry about "is it charged" before a show again.

Refined and tested by real-world performers the Snowtable is designed to be practical. Use it as a table all through your show then when you're ready perform "Snow" just hit the concealed "MJ switch" on the back of the table to put it into standby mode; now when you put something (perhaps the glass of water) back onto the corner of the table it triggers a pressure sensor that (after a 5 second delay) activates the animation system for 30 seconds then automatically switches off. 
Working in a smaller venue with lower ceilings - just flick the internal switch to put the whole unit into low-power mode where it runs at 50% power.

If you are a working performer this is the perfect way to add one of the greatest finale's ever created to your show in a prop that is so small and practical you will LOVE it!

    Without a doubt the best snowstorm EVER devised.


    That is incredible - I never suspected that it could be the table, great prop!


    This goes in my backpack when I fly and takes up no space. I’ve never seen one with this much power and this quiet.


    I have this and its unbelievable


    Thomas Moore has revolutionized the snowstorm trick.




    I’ve had the pleasure of using this prop over the last few months with our Christmas show at the Blackpool Tower Circus. And and it’s been absolutely brilliant!

    If you are a working stage or parlour magician you NEED this for your show

    37cm x 27cm x 3.6cm @ 1.2kg