SKU: Bit-By-Bit

An illusion we have been creating for almost 2 decades has been updated to give it a fresh, funky, modern feel whilst keeping a nod to the illusion that inspired it, Robert Harbin's "Little by Little".

You magically move your assistant from one side of the frame to the other; bit by bit!

Your assistant stands in a box on one side of the frame that completely covers her legs, one by one 3 more boxes are assembled around her until she is covered from head to toe & held firmly in place in the 4 boxes. Three large blades completely bisect the boxes cutting your assistant into 4 pieces which you then slowly, visibly slide from one side of the frame to the other proving she is completely dissected and that there is nowhere to hide. The blades are removed and immediately the boxes re-opened to show that your assistant has successfully been moved from one side of the frame to the other, bit by bit!

Packing down into one case approximately half the size of the finished illusion Bit-By-Bit is practical to tour whilst retaining all of Robert Harbin's key requirements of an illusion; it rolls on, can be performed surrounded and doesn't need a complicated reset. When the late Alan Shaxon (close friend & Confidant of Robert Harbin) saw our original Bit-By-Bit he was quite certain that "....he would have loved it!"